About us

The company specializes and prepares all types of inventory reports necessary for the successful signing and ending of leases and rental agreements. We can prepare check-in inventory reports of the highest standard and quality. Our reporting work is based on written and photographic material of the property’s condition at the time of the reporting, this is done in order to make sure all details are accurate and included in the report.

The detailed, check-in report serves as the testimony of an independent third party mitigating any disagreement or clash of interests along the duration of the lease or rental agreement. In order for the check-in report to become valid, both parties need to review the assessment and sign the agreement. The company also specializes in check-out inventory reports, which is only logical as they are the document used to verify the content and state of the rental or lease property at the end of the rental agreement’s duration.

We will then cross reference the check-out report with the check-in report to determine and clarify any changes to the property. The idea of the check-out report is to pin-point damages beyond the expected and usual wear and tear of everyday use. Should there be such, we will make recommendations for liabilities to the relevant party. The company also handles interim property reports these are compiled during the course of the lease, usually when a reappraisal is required.

The interim reports are prepared with all due care and attention as the check-in and check-out report. We are very flexible with our interim reporting service, our clerks are available seven days a week and we can also accommodate for short notice requests. One of our specialized services is EPC report preparation. EPC or Energy Performance Certificates are cross referencing documents, used to determine the property’s energy consumption and dioxide emissions. The document is prepared by us as the independent third party, but needs to be signed by all parties for it to become valid. We also keep record of all reports compiled for a given property over a set period of time.