Check In Report

Check In ReportUsually check-in reports are conducted at the beginning of the lease or the rental agreement’s duration. The check-in report is a self-evident document made of written and photographic material and evidence of the property in question, indicating and determining its current state and its current contents. The check-in report is an official document, which is prepared based on the assessment carried out by our independent report clerks.

The report clerks are fully qualified professionals, able to determine, assess and summarize the property’s current condition and its contents. For the document to become official and legally recognized, it has to be signed by both parties of the rental agreement, these being the landlord or property owner and the tenants or leasing party. The check-in report, which is usually prepared when a new tenant is about to move in, can only be prepared if the landlord has compiled and presented an initial inventory list of the condition and contents of the property as it was on the day it became available on the rental estate market since the inventory check-in report is not a general inventory report.

This is due to the fact that check-in reports reflect the current state and contents of the rental. Of course, the check-in report is an official and integral part of the rental or lease agreement about to be signed by both parties. A copy of the report will be attached to the original copy of the agreement and additional copies will be distributed to each party of the rental or lease agreement as evidence of their mutual consent and contractual relationship.

A third copy of the check-in report, along with any other applicable documentation will be recorded and kept on file by the company. We will keep a property file of all reports requested by the parties involved during the course of the lease or rental contract, or for as long as our customers require it. As always, all assessment, compiling and reporting work will be carried out with all due care and attention by fully qualified, professional clerks who serve as independent third parties.