Home Inventory

Home InventoryA home inventory is a list prepared by the homeowner and a certified professional, the home inventory outlines the current state of the property in question and itemizes all the objects, furniture, appliances and features found in and on the property. In some instances certain exterior features can also be included in the home inventory list though this needs to be clarified with the relevant inventory agents or reporting clerks.

In order for the home inventory to be complete, comprehensive and sufficiently informative, it is prepared using written and photographic materials showing the current state and equipment found on the property as this is court valid evidence in the case of unresolvable disputes which may arise in future between the two parties, most of the time these are the owner or landlord and the tenants. In many instances, a home inventory is not only used as insurance against bad tenants but also in the case of insurance events, these being burglary or natural disasters.

Home inventories are supposed to be prepared by fully qualified and certified professional service providers who will be able to guide owners and landlords through the process and also assist with the actual preparation and compiling of the home inventory report. A home inventory report will only be an admissible court document if prepared by or with the assistance of licensed individual or company. Should you decide to have your home inventory prepared and compiled by us, we guarantee to do so in the most professional and efficient manner.

The inventory clerks are specially trained professionals with plenty of experience in the field. All work will be done in discretion and no unauthorized parties will gain access to sensitive and general purpose documentation concerning the property or its state and contents. Although a home inventory seems to benefit the landlord or owner only, it also protects the interest of tenants, should the property be rented out. The inventory clerks we work with are certified and know the difference between general, expected wear and tear as opposed to misuse and property abuse.