Inventory Clerks

Inventory ClerksInventory reporting is a complex and high responsibility task which requires professional training and high level of technical and practical expertise. Proper inventory reporting also requires detailed knowledge and clear understanding of the applicable and relevant laws, rules and regulations concerning property leasing, renting and all the other aspects and issues stemming from such contractual relationships.

Our inventory clerks are highly qualified professionals with plenty of experience in the relevant field. They are licensed to collect and process data, analyze certain aspects of property maintenance and draw the necessary conclusions and prepare the relevant recommendations. An inventory clerk is more than just a person acting as witness when the two parties in the agreement put pen to paper, an inventory clerk acts as an independent third party, acting on their own and in the interest of the others involved.

The inventory clerk also serves as expert witness in the case of disputes, their opinion and position should be taken into consideration in the event of serious disagreements or court issues. The clerk is given special rights but at the same time has to fulfill certain obligations and keep within certain principles. Our customers can rely on us and our professional inventory clerks to receive adequate, effective and punctual property reporting service in full discretion.

We would like to assure our customers that no other persons or organizations will gain access to personal documents, property reports or any other sensitive or general purpose paperwork relating to the property or the dealings between rental or lease agreement parties. We work with the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks or AIIC which guarantees the high level of professionalism and expert knowledge displayed by the clerks.

As the market environment around is constantly changing and evolving so are our services and inventory clerks. They undergo additional and ongoing qualifications and licensing courses in order to make them even better and more efficient.