Inventory Reports

Inventory ReportsThe property inventory reports prepared by the company serve as independent, third party description verifying the condition and content of the rental property. In order for the inventory report to be as accurate and comprehensive as possible, our independent report clerks will compile the assessment and in turn the report, based on written and photographic materials relating to the property in question.

The document needs to be ratified by the two parties of the rental agreement and their consent needs to be clearly expressed, the inventory report will be then signed by the independent clerk thus making it an official and valid document. The purpose of the inventory report is clear and simple which is to settle any future disputes between the two parties relating to damage or misuse of the property, but at the same time looking after their interest.

Our property inventory reports are prepared with all due care and attention as expected by professional clerks. We will make sure no details or evidence is missed and that the report is sufficiently thorough and comprehensive. The inventory reports are based on professional assessment of the property’s state and condition, the reports are compiled by qualified independent clerks who know how to handle such matters accurately and in the most professional manner.

Our clerks have the necessary expertise and set of skills to successfully prepare and compile all types of property inventory reports including check-in, interim and check-out reports with high accuracy and attention to detail. We can also expertly handle EPC reports which show the property’s energy efficiency and consumption along with property dioxide emissions. The inventory report service is available to both private and commercial customers as well as specific report requests by rental and lease agencies.

Although inventory reporting seems like a hassle in some instances, it actually serves the interests of both parties and helps mitigate potential disputes between them. We guarantee our customers to receive competitively priced, punctual report service of the highest standard and quality. Inventory report requests are welcome seven days a week, we can also accommodate for short notice requests.