Landlord Inventory

Landlord InventoryLandlord inventory is the process of itemization used to describe the property, its initial and current condition as well as to provide a list of all the items, appliances, furniture and features found in and on the property. The initial landlord inventory is the document prepared and issued on the day the property was put up for rent on the estate market. The initial landlord inventory is a precondition to the compiling and issuing of a professionally prepared inventory report.

The inventory is something any property owner or landlord needs to prepare as it is considered to be insurance against bad tenants. It is very important for the landlord inventory to include all items found on the property but to also clearly state and express the current condition of the property, both inside and outside. If the landlord has specific requests or conditions to be met by the tenants, these are usually included in the inventory and then transferred to the rental or lease agreement signed by the two parties in the witness of the rental agency and the property inventory clerk.

Many landlords who offer unfurnished properties up for rent believe they don’t need to prepare an inventory of the interior as the place is simply put – empty. Not quite so, an inventory should be compiled in all instances, regardless of the level of furnishing and equipment present at the property as the inventory outlines the current state of the walls, flooring, roofing, windows, bathrooms, toilets and the exterior if applicable.

This is very important if the property has undergone major interior renovation and everything has been finished down to the smallest detail. Landlord inventories are voluminous documents as they include every little bit of description of the property, even one bedroom flats can run up pages of inventories, but this is the proper way to do it. The landlord inventory is a vital document which has a lot of weight in front of a judge and can be the turning point of a court dispute so it pays off to do it properly and professionally.